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Report: Charlie McAvoy has been named director of NHL officiating

After his analysis tonight, the league simply couldn’t wait any longer.

Boston Bruins v New Jersey Devils Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

We all knew Charlie McAvoy was a tremendous hockey player. After tonight, he can add a new title to his resume: director of NHL officiating.

Per a highly placed source, the NHL was extremely impressed with McAvoy after tonight’s Boston Bruins vs. Toronto Maple Leafs game and decided to take immediate action.

“They couldn’t believe how good of a grasp this kid has on the situation,” said our source. “He was so on the’s like he’s been an official for years. They just had to have him.”

The incident in question came after the Bruins’ loss, which featured a controversial goaltender interference non-call on the game-winning goal.

While most players, fans and analysts aren’t privy to the way NHL officials understand the game, McAvoy showed wisdom beyond his years with his answer to a post-game question.

“I don’t really know what goaltender interference is,” said McAvoy in comments broadcast on NESN after the game.

That insight was, according to our source, enough to send the league into a tizzy.

“They were stunned,” said the source. “Most referees spend their entire careers trying to wrap their heads around the goalie interference protocol, and this kid has it locked down already.”

Some reports indicate that the league office is a bit perturbed by McAvoy’s insight, as one source put it: “It’s like he’s inside the heads of the guys running the league. It’s like he’s reading their thoughts. They were floored.”

Because of his innate ability to know how the league’s rules work, McAvoy will now be able to shape the rules in his image.

“The kid showed wisdom beyond his years by not knowing what goalie interference is,” said our source. “He’s a rising star.”

It appears that McAvoy could be aiming even higher than director of officiating.

“I heard him mention something about how he thinks the league does an excellent job of marketing its most interesting players and shouldn’t change a thing,” said our source. “If that word gets out, he’s going to end up being commissioner.”






(No, it’s not real. Seriously?)