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Don Sweeney doesn’t necessarily consider Rick Nash a pure rental

It appears that “one and done” doesn’t have to be the way his tenure goes.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Buffalo Sabres Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

One of the questions surrounding the Bruins’ acquisition of Rick Nash seemed a bit like putting the cart before the horse, but it’s a fair thing to ask: are the Bruins going to re-sign him after the season?

At first glance, you’d think the answer is no. Nash is in the final year of a monster deal, and is likely looking for some serious money for his last big score.

However, he does seem like the kind of player the Bruins like: a scoring winger with size who’s pretty responsible in all three zones. Plus, David Krejci LOVES a Big Winger™, right?

Also, the Bruins were clearly looking to clear some cap space by moving Matt Beleskey’s contract. It’s possible (maybe even probable) that they just want to give themselves flexibility with a few guys seeking new deals soon (Zdeno Chara, Brandon Carlo and Charlie McAvoy come to mind, albeit at different times).

But it’s also possible that they’d like to keep Nash in the fold beyond this season.

In fact, Don Sweeney said as much at his press conference today.

Per a transcript from the team:

“Yeah, I hope so,” said Sweeney of Nash potentially staying beyond this season. “It’s not something we have discussed right away, but hopefully he’s happy integrating into our club...I think he fits well.”

Again, it’s too early to tell. He could flop in Boston, or could excel so much that re-signing him becomes a no-brainer.

Would the Bruins inking him to a two- or three-year deal after this season make what they gave up more palatable?