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Bruins Trade Deadline Thoughts, Backup Goalie Talk & Other Things With Colin Beswick on the Black N’ Gold Hockey Podcast

Listen to the Black N’ Gold crew talk Bruins with SCOC staff writer Colin Beswick

Colorado Avalanche v Boston Bruins

Stanley Cup of Chowder staff writer Colin Beswick was a guest on local Bruins podcast “The Black N’ Gold Hockey Podcast” to discuss the Bruins season so far, as well as the trade deadline and the Bruins backup goaltending position moving forward.

Colin joins the episode at the 58:45 marker but make sure to give the whole episode a listen for some great Bruins talking points, as well as a reference to Stanley Cup of Chowder contributor Shawn Ferris’ excellent research on whether or not the Bruins should rest key players down the stretch.

Give it a listen folks and feel free to share feedback with Colin on here or on Twitter at @cbeswick as well as the Black N’Gold crew at @BlackNGoldPod Their podcasts can be found on Apple, Soundcloud and just about every other podcast provider.

Thanks for listening!