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Fresh Links: Motor City Madness

Disappointed Patriots fans are welcome to join the Bruins bandwagon in Detroit tonight

Olde tymey hockey- a Bruins v. Red Wings donnybrook

Pizza Pizza! The Red Wings host the Bruins tonight at 7:30 PM on NESN.

  • While the Bruins are getting healthier and are also getting contributions from across their roster, the Red Wings are not. Scoring slumps are dogging several players in Detroit. Fox Sports
  • the Bruins have recalled Austin Czarnik once again. CBS Sports
  • A mere 365 days ago, an announcement that shocked Boston was released under cover of the last PatriotsSuper Bowl win. So how do you like the Bruce Cassidy era in hindsight so far? Bruins Daily
  • It has been great to see the team get contributions from more than just the usual suspects. Boston Herald
  • Brad Marchand has earned a bad reputation that he’d like to change. But will that effort also bring unwanted changes to his successful playing style? Boston Herald
  • He returns as a marked man, and opponents know it. Can he even toe the line? Patriot Ledger
  • Here is what Marchand needs to do, or rather NOT DO. It really isn’t so hard! CBS Boston
  • Odds makers see the Bruins’ effective efforts at stifling opponents’ offense as the key to recent success. NESN
  • So the Patriots lost. Move on- come to TD Garden for some hockey: If you like GOATS and pigeons, the Bruins are for YOU! Puck Prose Young players coming into their own alongside powerhouse veterans will be worth the price of admission. Chowder and Champions
  • 2-2-5. The Maple Leafs edged up another two points, idling below the Bruins in both the Atlantic Division and Eastern Conference standings. Now the Predators have hopscotched the Bruins in the league as a whole, while a three point cushion remains between the Bruins (in fifth place) and both the Blues and Leafs beneath them. NHL

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Having already evolved from “moody superstar to aging eccentric,” Jaromir Jagr may again rework his career. David Krejci and Bruce Cassidy urge you to not write him out of the NHL yet. Boston Globe
  • The Whalers were justthisclose to ending up in Detroit in 1996. Alternately, three other nontraditional markets (notably NOT Carolina) were floated as possible destinations in this archival article. Now all have NHL teams. (via Reddit) New York Times
  • Have a hindsight laugh at this season’s earliest power ranking predictions. They did get one thing right- the Oilers sure are #2. BarDown
  • The NHL trade market favors renters and buyers this year. TSN
  • Living in Winnipeg and playing with the Jets is the life for Patrik Laine. He has sick Wi-Fi, plays Call of Duty, and gets to live with his mom. Players Tribune
  • Luckily for one intoxicated, naked man, the ECHL Gwinnett Gladiators were in a dining room overlooking the St. Johns River when he landed in the water. Gwinnett Daily Post