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Prepare yourselves: the latest Brad Marchand “controversy” is here

Marchand’s latest incident involves a collision with Anthony Duclair.


Another game, another bit of controversy surrounding Brad Marchand.

Controversy is in quotes in the headline because depending on where you sit, this is either another dirty play from Marchand or is an example of the rest of the NHL seizing on any opportunity to rip on Marchand.

The play, from Chris/@CrzyCanucklehed:

First, here’s to hoping that Anthony Duclair’s injury isn’t severe. It looks like his knee got caught under his body; hopefully it’s a sprain and not something more severe.

Next, the play itself. At full speed, it looks like Marchand is turning back up ice, sees Duclair at the last second, and tries to avoid contact. In doing so, his arm catches Duclair across the head/neck and hauls him down.

In slow motion, it looks like a clothesline; however, the game isn’t played in slow motion.

If this was any other player, it’d be termed an accident and nothing more. But because it’s Brad Marchand, it’s an affront to hockey.

What do you think? Unfortunate collision, or another mark on Marchand’s record?