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Boston could clinch a playoff spot as early as Tuesday!

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Easy street’s right around the corner if they can make this week count and get a lot of good dice rolls.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Being severely undermanned through large portions of this March hasn’t stopped Boston from being a quality team and from putting up quality wins against some powerful competition, and it’s put the Bruins in a fantastic position regarding clinching a playoff spot.

Thanks to our dear friend and former overlord Cornelius Hardenburgh, we now have the scenarios in place for what could bring Boston back to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

And things look fantastic for them. But only if they keep up the pace.

The Magic Number for Playoff Clinching: 5

5 points in any fashion gives Boston their playoff birth. But they also need help, namely from the Florida Panthers and the Columbus Blue Jackets. They need them to lose their next two games, and what a coincidence! The Bruins have the capacity and the ability to add at least one L to Columbus tonight!

And if they win tonight, all they need then is for Florida to lose outright twice, which regrettably does mean we’re going to have to ask you to briefly root for the Habs to win a game, as the Panthers and Montreal will be playing each other around the same time as the B’s game. And yes, I know, I’m choking on my own bile thinking about it too, but we have to think big picture here. And if they lose tonight, and then lose on Tuesday...

Your Boston Bruins will have only played one game this week and clinched a playoff spot. The system works!

...of course, this is asking a lot of a beaten and battered Canadiens team and a hopelessly bad Senators squad who are entirely un, so we’re gonna go ahead and call this a best case scenario.

Magic Number for playing literally anybody other than Toronto in the playoffs: 24

There is a LOT in the way of this. Including Tampa’s schedule, Boston’s own schedule, and just where both teams are right now points-wise. Tampa has a max of 20 points left on their schedule to get and could pretty easily get them. Boston has a max of 24 points to get left on theirs. In order for them to pull this off, the Bruins just have to win...pretty much almost every game on their remaining schedule in order to make this a reality, the Lightning have to drop at least a game, as well as closing out the season series against the Lightning with a definitive win. Sounds easy enough, right?

It’s pretty unlikely.

Better start watching a few leafs games to get familiar with ‘em. It’s been awhile since they last played.

For more information on this, check out Corny’s awesome Magic Number graphs over here!