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Did the refs rob Marchand of an obvious penalty shot in tonight’s game?

One could make the argument at least.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight’s game was a brilliant display of hockey at the highest level. The Bruins will be just fine without the extra point in OT, and I doubt most Bruins fans are heartbroken that the Bruins lost against a red hot Columbus team, but the question has to be asked, did the refs miss an obvious penalty shot when Pierre-Luc Dubious had an seeming holding penalty on a Marchand breakaway in OT?

As you can see, Dubouis holds Marchand quite clearly. Even if it wasn’t worthy of a penalty shot in the ref, Kendrick Nicholson’s eyes, it should have been a penalty, regardless. It’s fair to assume that Marchand’s reputation played a part in the decision to not call a penalty, which isn’t how the league or it’s officials should be operating, regardless of how deserving Marchand is of his reputation.

Here’s a second angle, which is also fairly damning.

What do you think Bruins fans, spilled milk or a real grievance with the officials tonight?