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RECAP: Blues beat Bruins in OT, but Bruins still win - and qualify for Stanley Cup playoffs

The rare circumstance where a loss is also a win. We’ll take it.

NHL: Boston Bruins at St. Louis Blues
The Original did an excellent job of neutralizing transition, but his wingers couldn’t capitalize this night.
Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

In a vacuum, this game was a tough one to lose. The St. Louis Blues are a team trying to regain a wild card slot, while the Bruins are walking wounded yet still put up fights - and wins - against strong opponents. This resiliency, coupled with the second youth infusion replacing some of the youth infusion already on injured reserve, makes this Bruins team fun to watch in any scenario. Ryan Donato scored early, and has several chances. He made an excellent cut from behind the net and though he had some trouble on defense as a wing, we’ll give the kid a break.

Speaking on his youthful roster, head coach Bruce Cassidy said in a from-the-bench interview during the game that he appreciates “pretty much everything [about his young roster]. Their energy, they’re sponges, they love to learn; and they’re respectful of the older guys.” Sounds like teacher is channeling his room pretty well.

Boston’s defense played well from the puck drop. McQuaid avoided injury on a borderline low-bridge hit, and so did David Krejci later on in the game. There were very few shots on net in the third period - for both teams - on the back of solid defense. It got a bit awkward at times with disconnected passes, but was otherwise a tightly played game.

The game got away from the Bruins earlier than we might have expected after a strong first period. It wouldn’t carry over, as St. Louis took the shot-attempt advantage from the beginning of the second period and didn’t look back; yet, Boston kept the Blues’ chances mostly to the outside - especially while killing penalties. In the end, it was the Blues’ advantage on shot chances from in close that wore down Boston at the end of the third and put the Bruins on their heels in overtime.

The Bruins head to Dallas for a Friday night game against the Stars, starting at 8:30PM in the East. Dallas is the team that’s chasing St. Louis for those Western wild-card slots, so this could be another close game.

See you there!