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Fresh Links: Catch 22

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The Bruins topped the 100 point mark in a season for an NHL record breaking 22nd time.

NHL: Boston Bruins at St. Louis Blues
Anton Khudobin had a busy night
Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

A 2-1 overtime loss to the Blues is tempered by good news- the Bruins are playoff bound! Next up is a Friday date at the Dallas Stars at 8:30 PM on NESN.

  • Ryan Donato demonstrated that he’s no fluke, and Anton Khudobin battled down the Blues’ last attempt to win in regulation to assure his team’s playoff berth. Boston Globe
  • Decisions, decisions- the Bruins have a big choice ahead of them, and the path they choose will dictate how they enter the playoffs. WEEI
  • Three things stood out in last night’s game. Bruins Daily
  • Take a look at that Brayden Schenn hit on David Krejci, and then hear how much Donato’s post-Olympic arrival in Boston mirrored that of his father, Ted Donato, from the perpective of former Bruin Dave Poulin. Bonus- a sweet chirp. (Video, 2:22) TSN
  • This will mark both a franchise and an NHL milestone. @PR_NHL
  • The Bruins got busy with some “remember this?” videos of season highlights- Playoff Bound, Thirst for the Cup and this Instagram post that invites you to identify which kind of Bruins fan YOU are. (Video)
  • Donato’s Harvard teammate Wiley Sherman will be reporting to Providence. NESN
  • When was the last time Patrice Bergeron donned the Spoked-P? @MarkDivver
  • 2-2-3. The Bruins are IN, baby! They are the third team to clinch a playoff spot, four points below the Lightning and seven ahead of the Maple Leafs . NHL

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Schadenfreude alert- as far as the Stanley Cup and the postseason, the Bruins are IN, and the Canadiens are OUT. Extra salt- how about that Ryan Donato? Sportsnet
  • Catch up with the results of the NHL General Managers’ meeting- the goaltender interference challenges will be reviewed in the situation room, and the change will take place before the playoffs begin. Sportsnet
  • Since the salary cap era, which teams have enjoyed the most success? ESPN
  • The Bruins’ affiliate ECHL Altlanta Gladiators are under new majority ownership. Arena Digest
  • Waterloo, indeed- the soggy saga of one Ontario family’s backyard rink is just one bellwether marking the increasing loss of Canada’s outdoor skating heritage. New York Times
  • Clint Malarchuk wrote about surviving his gruesome injury only to find that the wound was even deeper than he knew. (Warning- despite happy ending, *Graphic photos and depictions*) Players Tribune