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The Bruins playoff hype videos celebrate the Lovers...and humble the Haters.

Can’t get excited without some videos, and Boston’s take the cake in getting the blood flowing

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins are headed to the playoffs and have logged another 100 point season in the books. And as per tradition lately, hype videos circulated by the team made their way to social media, and they bring up two very important parts of the Boston sports experience...

The Lovers...:

SCoC is all about fans talking about the Bruins, and so this vid especially hits as a great examination of the full breadth of the fandom...and a bit of an uncomfortable hit close to home. I don’t need to be called out for being comfy during western conference road trips, I need to make back some of that sleep i’m not getting during intermissions!

Also, very smart to brand the “Loose Cannon” as Loose Cannon without outright insulting them for being what they are at most games, which is...testy. And antagonistic. And all too willing to throw hands. Regardless of what jersey you’re wearing.

It’s a smart move, is what I’m saying. Keeps the editors from a trip to Mass General.

...And the Haters:

The video that caused a much bigger stir on the other hand, was one going by only one name, and it’s a good bit of advice when it comes to the game of hockey.

“Listen to No one.”

For those outside the area, the person speaking is one Michael Felger of 98.5 The Sports Hub, who is known for being very pessimistic about the Bruins’ chances on...well...anything, and in general promoting a very “sky is falling” version of the Boston Bruins. I figure this particular clip of audio came up about a week or two before the season started. Clearly that was a check his mouth wasn’t able to cash over the last 72 games, and especially over at least the last 20 or 30.

...Of course, before you go thumping your chest and celebrating about how fun it is to watch Felger be wrong (and trust me, it is a nice feeling), it’s important to remember that 98.5 is still the radio partner of your Boston Bruins, so in all likelyhood they tolerate Felger’s antics just enough to get people talking about the team and to get people’s dander up.

Of course, when they can throw his words back in his face after spending what was probably a solid half-hour whinging about how many rookies they had to ice, that’s always a plus.

Regardless of whether or not you kept the faith or felt the pain, you cannot disagree with the fact that this season has been nothing short of a triumph for the team and for everyone affiliated. There’s been heartbreak, there’s been jubiliation, there’s been close calls and blown calls and silliness with goaltender interference and everything else in between.

And now we get to do it all over again in the Stanley Cup Playoffs! Except EVEN FASTER and with MORE STAKES!

And of course, the Bruins had a video for going through all that too. Come relive the wild ride of the 2017-18 season right over here: