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Introducing UnSoupervised: The Stanley Cup of Chowder Podcast

From the folks who bring you all the Bruins news that’s fit to print - and some that’s not.

Coming to you live, from somewhere!

Good morning, Bruins nation!

After long deliberations and many sleepless nights wondering if the world was ready for the SCoC staff to actually speak their minds, we’re excited to bring to you the first edition of UnSoupervised!

Give it a listen here, and if you use Anchor, favorite our page! We’ll have this across multiple podcast platforms in the near future, so if you use a different service to listen to podcasts, we’ll have you covered in no time.

Our aim is to bring you a bi-weekly Bruins podcast focused on game analysis, statistics, prospect info and all-around Bruins talk. In this inaugural episode, you’ll hear thoughts from Colin Beswick, Jake Reiser, and Adam Denhard, along with a guest appearance from George Fitzgerald of Raw Charge for a discussion of the Tampa Bay Lightning in advance of tonight’s game. Over time, you’ll get to hear from a rotating cast of SB Nation’s Stanley Cup of Chowder staff and special guests from elsewhere in the SB Nation network - and soon, THE WORLD.

Your feedback is highly appreciated - whether it’s a comment here, a voice message in the Anchor app, or on Twitter and Facebook, let us know what you think, suggest topics for discussion, and generally how we’re doing! Thanks for listening!