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Bruins give an update on Rick Nash, International Man of Mystery

He's aliiiiiiiiiiiive!!!!!

Carolina Hurricanes v Boston Bruins Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Rick Nash! Remember him? He was the Bruins' big deadline acquisition.

He got off to a good start, then got hurt against Tampa and just...disappeared.

He wasn't at practices. He wasn't working out. Bruce Cassidy basically said during the road trip that he had no idea what was going on with him.

In all likelihood, Rick Nash is actually a super spy and has been out on a super secret mission. Thank you for your service.

However, the Bruins issued an update (kind of) today.

Alright, so he still exists! That's good. And it looks like progress is being made.

It's been widely speculated that he was concussed against Tampa. @dafoomie posted what he thought was the problem hit the other day:

Here's to hoping he's well soon, but I wouldn't count on him being back until right before the playoffs.