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Watch Patrice Bergeron score the game-winner in one of the prettiest sequences of the season

From the save to the finish, this one was a beauty.

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Boston Bruins Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins finished the night with four goals, but it was their third that was the prettiest to watch.

The sequence started with a monster reflex save by Tuukka Rask, and ended with the heads of the entire Tampa Bay team spinning as Patrice Bergeron put the puck in the back of the net.

Just watch, via Chris (@CrzyCanucklehed):

If you don’t see the highlight on mobile, click here.

There are so many things to love on this play.

  • Brad Marchand outmuscled Victor Hedman more than once. Hedman is approximately 3 feet taller and 933 pounds heavier than Marchand.
  • Tampa’s whole team looked one way, then the other, then back again to watch the puck go in.
  • Even Patrice Bergeron looked impressed by what he witnessed.

For your homework tonight, please watch this highlight 100 times.