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Charlie McAvoy leaves game early with Lower Body Injury

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Oh god please be okay Charlie

Winnipeg Jets v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Things haven’t been great to start out the last meeting of the B’s and Habs. Boston played like they’d been on a back-to-back, turnovers abound...

...and Charlie McAvoy left the game early, and is unlikely to return, according to the team.

This is the play he got hurt on:

If he’s out for any stretch of time...yikes.

Get well soon, Charlie. And I mean like...REAL soon.

EDIT (12:26 PM Sunday): For those who think Gallagher slashed McAvoy’s foot, it looks like he missed.

Looks like a non-contact injury, which is not ideal. Knee sprain? High ankle sprain?