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Get your “Listen to No One” shirt for the first round against the Leafs

We partnered with BreakingT to bring you this beauty.

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The Bruins’ “Listen to No One” ad was one of the biggest hits of the past few weeks, mainly because everyone likes ripping on Felger.

Our friends at BreakingT reached out to us about partnering on a shirt based on that rallying cry, and they delivered big time.


Get yours by visiting the BreakingT store. I have one, and it’s quality gear. The material is soft, and the printing is great.

BreakingT’s shipping is top-notch too, so you can probably get yours in hand before Game 2 (and maybe even Game 1, depending on when you order).

Thanks to BreakingT for the partnership opportunity!

Get your shirt >>

Update (4/11/18): Talked to the team at BreakingT, and they’ve re-printed in all sizes. If you missed out on the first run, they’re available again!