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Having trouble getting excited for playoff hockey? Got a pulse? Get HYPED with your fellow Bruins fans!

We’ve collected a smattering of fan-created hype videos, and hope that you’re as excited as these fans for PLAYOFF HOCKEY!

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Boston Bruins
Hug it out later. It’s heart-rate time.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Get yourself warmed up with last year’s team vid:

Toasty yet? Here’s the latest playoff clip from the Bruins:

Take a quick break from this thread to visit Sky’s assemblage of the team’s playoff commercials.

Back? OK, let’s get the adrenaline going.

by Brandon Vieira:

Bust out your popcorn, here’s another gem from Spencer Weeks:

N2B Goal Horns released one, too:

Get yer groove on with this mid-season update, published back in February by Its. Ryan:

Refresh as needed, based on the time of day at which you read this.

Got another one? Tweet it to us @cupofchowdah. We’ll get it added!