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Bruce Cassidy nominated for the Jack Adams Award

Cassidy’s work as coach has gotten him a nomination for the Coach of the year award.

Bruce Cassidy has had a hell of a year. And on this nervewracking day, he is also nominated to possibly be an award recipient at the end of this season, as Elliott Friedman announced today:

The Jack Adams is the “coach of the year” category in the NHL Awards circuit, and lately it has largely gone to coaches who have brought teams that defied expectations to the postseason and beyond. Safe to say that while Boston was probably projected to be pretty good, there was a good chance that nobody thought the Bruins would be as good as they were over the regular season, and nobody thought they’d be gunning for first in the Atlantic with the tough competition they faced from Tampa and Toronto.

Of course...he’s also got to deal with the fact that he’s in competition with the guy who coaches a team that didn’t exist last year, and just mulched the entire Pacific Division and their first round opponent with spare parts and almost no goalies for an entire season. Suffice to say it will be a tough sell to say that Cassidy will actually win it over someone like Gallant.

But still, it’s nice to see Cassidy’s work being appreciated by the NHL and the NHL MSM at large. I for one, hope he pulls the upset!