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Stanley Cup odds: Vegas likes the Bruins...a lot

It appears that the sportsbooks aren’t fazed by the Bruins’ recent slump.

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The playoffs are almost here, so you know what that means: odds!

We got another email from Jimmy Shapiro of Props PR, this time offering Bovada’s odds for the upcoming battle for the Stanley Cup.

(Obviously these are just gambler’s odds. They don’t really mean much, but they’re fun to read. Don’t take it too seriously.)

It would appear that the bet-takers out in Las Vegas like the Boston Bruins. A lot.

Stanley Cup winning odds

Nashville Predators - 15/4

Boston Bruins - 11/2

Tampa Bay Lightning - 6/1

Vegas Golden Knights - 15/2

Winnipeg Jets - 8/1

Pittsburgh Penguins - 10/1

Toronto Maple Leafs - 11/1

Washington Capitals - 11/1

Anaheim Ducks - 20/1

Los Angeles Kings - 22/1


Even with their recent slump (these odds were released 6 hours ago), Vegas thinks the Bruins have a pretty good shot. The odds are likely influenced by the number of people placing money on each team, so the Bruins are probably riding a wave of bettors from their earlier run.

Hey, it’s nice that SOMEONE (glares in the direction of the comments section) has some confidence in this team...

Bovada gave the Bruins 5/2 odds to win the East, just ahead of Tampa at 3/1.

Thank you for the vote of confidence, online bookies!

*places entire mortgage payment on black and gold*