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Bruins moving on from at least three free agents, may lose Austin Czarnik

A brief update from Don Sweeney prior to the NHL Draft Combine.

Boston Bruins v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Don Sweeney had media availability as he headed up to the Draft Combine in Buffalo today, and he dropped an interesting nugget on some of the Bruins’ pending free agents.

The first three aren’t shockers; no one really thought Paul Postma or Brian Gionta would be back, and it was reasonable to believe Kenny Agostino would be looking for a place with a better shot at NHL ice time.

The bit about Austin Czarnik is the more interesting one. Czarnik is an unrestricted free agent, and is a guy most assume the Bruins would be interested in getting back in the fold. The 25-year-old still has some upside, and it’d be a shame to lose him for nothing.

Sweeney’s comments suggest that he’s heard from Czarnik’s camp that they’re interested in looking at other opportunities.

His agent has to do due diligence and see what’s out there, but it’s a little weird for Sweeney to put it out there publicly.

He could just see no harm in discussing the negotiations, or he could be putting it out there as a “hey, we know you might not be back, but we’re here if you change your mind.”

My guess is that Czarnik finds greener pastures elsewhere, but that’s based on nothing but pure speculation.

What do you think?