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Bruins sign Slovakian forward Martin Bakos

An overseas pickup on a one-year, two-way deal.

Donny’s makin’ moves!

Mark Divver broke this little chestnut today:

So! Let’s learn ourselves a little about Martin Bakos!

Bakos is a 6’2, 188 lb. Wing/Center from Slovakia who, as Mark points out, played for Liberec Bili Tygri, getting 42 points in 50 games. Which, coincidentally, made him the top scorer on that team for the year. He’s also had KHL experience, playing for Kunlun Red Star, which EOTP’s Patrik Bexell interview’d him about, among other things:

Bakos has also been a staple of the Slovak national team for years now, and it’s here where we have some pretty valuable data on how he plays from the world championships, starting with just what his play looks like in comparison to his opponents, thanks to Jan Morkes over at HockeyNinja:

Jan Morkes,
Jan Morkes,

Some quick context there before you get scared, the Slovaks were fairly mediocre offensively at Worlds, and Bakos was one of the few players who actually did something, with 4 points in 7 games. Regardless, someone who is merely dull in a group of world beaters like Sweden and the US can’t be all that bad if given the right opportunity. Furthermore, Bakos being a shoot-first player will definitely be a boon on wherever he lands as part of the B’s organization.

UPDATE: He can also do this:

And with all the context given, please welcome Martin Bakos to the Boston Bruins!