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SCoC Draft Profiles: Filip Hållander is a fiesty, competitive forward

Not even injury could slow this kid down. Should the Bruins take notice?

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Timra IK is a team in...well, Timra, Sweden. Not exactly rocket science.

What they used to be is an Allsvenskan team. Thanks to the team’s group effort and also this young gun, they now have the distinction of promotion to the highest level of the sport in Sweden in five years, the SHL.

Hallander (pronounced as “Hollander”) is a 6’1, 180 lb. Forward with a real drive in the offensive zone, being willing and able to throw his body around to get pucks and to continue plays with relentless skating and stickwork. His tendency to go to the net is only made more dangerous with his one-two punch of slick hands and powerful wrist and snapshot that he can disguise quite easily. On defense, Hallander brings the same level of dogged relentlessness; throwing the body in the way of shots and players, keeping his stick in lanes, and making the smart pass with the puck when he manages to intercept it.

What makes him the X-Factor for so many is his sheer competitiveness. Even having a season with injuries didn’t slow him down and he ended up the 6th highest point-getter on the team. At the age of 17, in a men’s pro league. That’s how much this kid will fight for his team.

Hallander’s game is not super highlight-reel worthy, though he does have some pretty impressive highlights. He’s never going to pull some crazy stunt with the puck that leaves a defender looking like a giant fool, he is going to make them work for everything, as he keeps the puck moving in whatever zone he’s in.

Where Hallander does fall a bit short is that his acceleration could be a little better than it is, which if improved could make him a very dangerous player if he could get up to speed quicker. Further, his skating speed is merely very good, and not fantastic, meaning that he will keep players guessing and forcing defenders to follow him everywhere, faster and more skilled defenders can catch him.

Drafting Hallander basically comes with the idea that he’s going to be a fairly consistent forward who can penalty kill and cause havoc in the offensive zone, but you’re gonna have to be patient with his development as he finds that next gear in his skating ability through coaching and experience.

But for a player projected for the 2nd to 3rd round? You could definitely make that call. What he brings to the table seems to be a fascinating mix of solid foundation and offensive upside. The Bruins definitely like players like this.

Player Rankings:

13th by NHL Central Scouting among European Skaters

45th by FutureConsiderations

Filip Hållander Statline

Year Team League Games Played Goals Assists Points
Year Team League Games Played Goals Assists Points
2015-16 Timra IK U16 U16 SM 6 8 6 14
Timra IK J18 J18 Elit 19 20 12 32
Timra IK J18 J18 Allsvenskan 16 6 8 14
Timra IK J20 SuperElit 3 1 1 2
Sweden U16 International 6 3 1 4
2016-17 Timra IK J18 J18 Elit 4 4 2 6
Timra IK J20 SuperElit 34 9 15 24
Timra IK Allsvenskan 8 0 0 0
Sweden U17 WHC-U17 6 1 0 1
Sweden U17 International 17 6 6 12
2017-18 Timra U20 SuperElit 1 0 0 0
Timra IK Allsvenskan 40 9 11 20
Sweden U18 International 13 4 3 7