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David Pastrnak wins Czech Player of the Year award again!

This is the second year in a row he’s won it.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins - Game Two Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

And STILL...Your reigning, defending Zlata Hockejka (or Golden Stick) winner for Czech Player of the year, coming in at 80 points in 82 games and 20 in 12 playoff games, Number 88... “The Legend” David Pastrnak!

Also appearing in the top 3 is David Krejci!

Pastrnak didn’t cut his speech short because of a bathroom break like last year, so he actually had a thing to say, according to Zdenek Janda:

and for the non-czech speakers (google translated, then edited slightly for clarity):

“I don’t play hockey for prizes like this, but for the love of the game. But I appreciate this. It’s a huge honor for me.” - Pasta, on receiving the award.

Such a humble kid.

Congratulations to David Pastrnak on defending his title, and here’s to many, many more!