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Prospect Olivier Galipeau defects from Habs, signs with Bruins

Yeah, you read that right.

Well this isn't something you hear every day.

TVASports' Mikaël Lancelette announced that a player previously set to join the Habs development camp had a sudden and seemingly permanent detour to the Greater Boston Area:

For the non-french speakers (edited for clarity):

"Change of Plans for Olivier Galipeau. He left the Canadiens Camp and signed with the Boston Bruins in the last few hours"

So let's learn about our newly beloved turncoat here. Galipeau is a 21 year old, 6'0, 200+ lb. Defenseman whose spent the last four years being a fairly productive overage player for Val D'Or, Chicotimi, and Acadie-Bathurst, usually having anywhere from 30 to 40 points a season when he wasn't getting traded.

My best guess as to where he's going is straight to Boston's development camp, then off to don the Gold and Black of Providence, but who knows? Maybe he wants to show up the Habs so badly he works his way into a 6th-7th defender spot.

Either way, Welcome Olivier to the Boston Bruins!