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Let us stick to you: SCOC stickers are here!

We like this site. You must too, if you’re here. Now you can represent it with an adhesive thing!!!!

We appreciate you reading this site, and decided to offer something small as a token of thanks: SCOC stickers!

We ordered these stickers from VistaPrint. They’re about 3” x 3”, and VistaPrint’s printing is a tad off on a few, so you might get a white border that’s a little bit weird...but hey, this site is a little bit weird, so it works!

To get a sticker, fill out the form below. I’ll get them in the mail shortly. No, I will not show up at your house asking you to accept Carl Soderberg as your savior.

We’ve only got about 40 stickers for our initial run, so we’re only posting this here for now. We want our loyal readers to get first dibs.

Once they’re gone, we’ll probably print another run, but that depends on demand.

As always, thanks for reading!