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Fresh Links: Cap Hit

Where do the Bruins stand right now against the cap ceiling? And is it bad form for adults to wear ballcaps at all?

Ottawa Senators v Boston Bruins
No! NO! NOT that kind of cap!
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

In Bruins news you can use:

  • Have a look at where the Bruins stand against the salary cap- with a boost expected and youngsters due a payday, beware the “dead money!” Scouting Post
  • In this review the Bruins’ defensive corps, too much of a good thing can work in the Bruins’ favor. Hockeybuzz
  • After looking at the numbers, now Matt Kalman has stepped up to shake his head at the notion of Jaroslav Halak leapfrogging Tuukka Rask. CBS Boston
  • Watch the battle for the third-line centerman position. Which Bruins are in the mix to replace the surprising Riley Nash? WEEI
  • Hooray! Kirk Luedeke, Dominic Tiano, and Reed Duthie reconvened to offer a summer update podcast. What (or rather who) sparked the Bruins success this season? How about losing Anton Khudobin for Halak? Can the Bruins hope to slip Zane McIntyre through waivers, or are others moving past him in the bullpen? (Audio, 1:18:48) Scouting Post
  • Is it 5:00 yet? Mark Allred of the Black ’n Gold hockey podcast pops a road soda and talks (microbrew and) Bruins. The beer kicks in at about the 11:00 mark, and things take off in freeform from there. Expect no love for the idea of Milan Lucic returning to Boston, and opinions about the Bruins’ new acquisitions and whether or not the Bruins needed to make more of a splash. (*NSFW* Audio, 1:33:20) Beers & Bruins
  • Dive into the history of the Providence Bruins, which is tied into the history of the Maine Mariners. Black ‘n Gold Hockey
  • Here’s your chance to join the Bruins- Help Wanted! Jump In Sport
  • How much longer?!? How Many Days Until Hockey

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • In news of former Bruins: Tyler Randell is now a Rochester American. Buffalo News That would be John WITH an “h” as in NHL- John Gruden will be assisting Barry Trotz with the Islanders. New York Post Ryan Spooner is among the 44 players that have filed for arbitration. NHL
  • There are still open storylines waiting for resolution, including the question of Rick Nash’s future. Here is the full list. Sportsnet
  • Not. Even. One. No NHL team cracked the Forbes list of the top 50 most valuable sports franchises worldwide. Forbes Cheer up, though, among NHL teams, the Bruins made a good showing. Yahoo Sports
  • Ballcaps are fine on children and teens, but are merely a sad sign of clinging to youth when worn by adults. Discuss. Chicago Tribune