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Random Bruins highlight: Bergeron to Boyes to Bergeron

The video quality is bad but TEAM POOH!

Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins

It’s summer! We need content, you need a quick read/view. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with a daily dose of Bruins nostalgia.

When: February 2, 2006

What: Patrice Bergeron goes end-to-end then finishes it with a perfect give-and-go with Brad Boyes.

First: yes, the video quality is bad. It was recorded with a 2006-era potato. It’s OK, just watch it.

Second: Team Pooh jerseys! They are beautiful.

Third: SBN couldn’t find a Team Pooh Bergeron-Boyes photo for the picture above, but that third jersey was the second best the Bruins have had. It rules.

Now, for the goal itself: this was vintage Bergeron-Boyes. Those two had unbelievable chemistry during this season, and Marco Sturm wasn’t a bad third piece.

With the Bruins on the PP, Patrice Bergeron gathers the puck in the defensive zone. He circles, then takes off, deking through the entire province of Quebec before finding Brad Boyes on his right.

Boyes dishes it right back to Bergeron, for an easy, tuck-in goal. The goal came 1:13 after Glen Murray tied the game (also on the PP), so in some 90 seconds, the Bruins went from down 1-0 to Montreal at home to up 2-1 against Montreal at home.

The B’s would eventually win the game by a score of 3-1, as an empty-netter was scored by Brad Boyes.

It was assisted by...who else? Patrice Bergeron.