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Boston to retire Rick Middleton’s Jersey Number

No more shall any Bruin other than Middleton wear the number 16

Pack 16 in, folks. You’re never gonna see another player wear it again.

The Bruins just announced that they will be retiring All-time Bruins Great Rick Middleton’s number on November 29th, before their game against the New York Islanders. He will be the 11th player to be honored by the Bruins in this manner:

Rick came to the team in 1976 from a trade with the Rangers, and was almost immediately a force for good as he practically exploded as a goal scorer from then on, culminating in the 1983-84 season where he had a neat 105 points in 80 games. In fact, throughout most of the early eighties, he rarely if ever dipped below 40 goals in a season. Unfortunately, injury caught up with Nifty Rick, and in 1988, he retired.

In retrospect for the 2017-18 season, the signs of somebody getting their name retired was looking pretty likely, as for a time there was a couple of awkward spaces in-between the retired numbers in the rafters, if you ever went to a game and looked closely.

Let’s relive some of the impressive displays of skill Rick gave out nearly every night to unsuspecting NHL Teams!

Congrats to Rick Middleton!