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How many muscles would you tear doing Zdeno Chara's workout?

A million strains and at least 9 ACL tears for me.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Boston Bruins at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For the better part of his NHL career, Zdeno Chara has been known as one of the fittest and strongest guys in the league.

His dedication to being in prime shape is one of the things that has allowed him to remain effective into his 40s.

So yeah, you know Chara is in great shape, but then you see something like this:

The man is a monster!

That's 250+ pounds of Slovak power jumping one-legged over a hurdle, which is probably somewhere between 3-4 feet high.


That's ignoring the other jumps, which are equally impressive.

Seeing Chara's commitment to fitness is great, as it's something that can surely rub off on the young guys.

But here's the real question: how injured would you get if you tried this workout?

I tore a few muscles just thinking about it...