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Bruins may or may not be bringing in German forward Marcel Noebels

The Tonisvorst native will be at camp, but will he leave with a contract? Or will he be there at all?

Multiple reports, coming from home and abroad have linked the Eisbären Berlin forward Marcel Noebels to the Boston Bruins.

Why didn’t we post about this until now? Well...the situation is complicated.

Why is it Complicated?:

Okay it’s not that complicated, it’s the news over in Germany that jumped the gun on the story, reporting that the B’s signed him outright instead of offering him a PTO, according to Noebels’ agent, when he talked to the globe:

“I think that was the German media jumping on something ahead of time,” said Noebels’s agent, Allain Roy. “We are talking with the Bruins, but there’s nothing concrete yet.”

So yeah, not that complicated, but it’s still got a few hangups on whether or not it’s actually happening or not. Nobody has been able to get a clear picture on it.

So who is Marcel Noebels, anyway?:

Noebels plays in the DEL for the Eisbären, as we’ve established, he started his career as a member of Krefield Penguine, then was drafted in the 4th round by the Flyers. He was never able to really surpass the AHL, moving between the Then-Adirondack Phantoms and the Wheeling Nailers in the ECHL, before returning to Germany for what looked like the forseeable future in 2014, where he made his mark in Berlin.

Noebels as a player would probably best fit under the term “playmaker”, as he made his bread racking up assists, usually never having his goal total get past his ability to spread the wealth. When he does score, it’s almost always as a result of his ability to make it to the net without much effort and take advantage of the talent level of goalies in the DEL. 2017-18 was by far his most successful season, where he was 6th on the team in points, and 4th on the team in playoff points. It’s likely that because of his relative age (he is way younger than the guys in front of him, on both playoff and regular season), and his explosion in the playoffs this year, that he was able to catch the B’s scouts.

Any Highlights?:

Not too many from this year due to the DEL not being super great at getting highlights out I’m afraid, but there ARE some that exist! Come enjoy the Eisbaren’s absolutely hysterical goal song!

No horns, just can-can. The Germans are on a different level.

So, where does he fit in?:

Noebels, for all that we can see, is probably just going to be one of many players at camp that are given their best opportunity to make the NHL one last time, and possibly to light a fire under the younger players. If he impresses, he’s probably going to hit a league minimum deal to be a depth forward. He’ll still be a Bruin, which will be great for him as he finally gets to the NHL, and the Bruins get to say they have another german player in their ranks!

If not? Back to Berlin. Which is still nice for him.

For now? We’ll be waiting for camp to tell us whether or not this PTO actually materializes. And if he does get it? We wish him good luck!