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Fresh Links: Revival

The Prospects Challenge will offer a couple of young Bruins a chance to reintroduce themselves

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Boston Bruins v New Jersey Devils
Noel Acciari days until Bruins hockey
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In Bruins news you can use:

  • Look forward to seeing Ryan Donato and Anders Bjork among the young Bruins of interest participating in the pre-season Prospects Challenge. Mass Live
  • The Sabres will host the Bruins, Devils, and Penguins teams in the tournament. Details here. Bruins NHL
  • As much as we like what we’ve seen from Donato, does he face disappearing into a pool of promising younger Bruins? The Hockey Writers
  • An interesting question- will Charlie McAvoy ever be as good as Erik Karlsson? Take a look at the comparisons. The Hockey Writers
  • We’re #27! Wait, what? The Athletic doesn’t seem to think much of the Bruins prospect pool. WEEI
  • Assessing the Atlantic Division in facing the current Stanley Cup champs, the Bruins have two top centers and a first-pairing defenseman all facing relentless Father Time, but there is hope in one young Czech and his sparky linemate, who plays bigger than his size. For a team comprised of the rather young and the realtively old, recent playoff experience will work in their favor. (Hard paywall) The Athletic
  • On this day in Bruins history... @NHLHistory Girl
  • Will hockey start SOON? How Many Days Until Hockey

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • In news of former Bruins: Starstruck Wayne Gretzky finally met his hero. (wink, wink) @Miro81s Just for fun, count how many former Bruins made this list of seventh-round draftees who had at least a cup of coffee in the NHL. Pension Plan Puppets
  • Travis Yost has done the hard work- take a look at how each NHL team’s cap is parsed out by position. TSN
  • Asking for a friend, cough, cough Charlie McAvoy, cough. How much weight should teams put into regrettable social media posts by potential draftees? Grandstand Central
  • No Bruins are on this list of the upcoming season’s top 8 cap hit payouts by former teams to former players. BarDown
  • This list of the Top 100 NHLers for fantasy rosters includes 6 current Bruins. CBS Sports
  • Imagine NHL teams reinvented as corporations, with logos and witty slogans. (Link to artwork) CBS Sports