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Adios, Adam: A McQuaid appreciation post

The rugged defenseman might be moving on, but there’s still time to look back.

Buffalo Sabres v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

You know what’s fun? NOSTALGIA!

With Adam McQuaid on his way to the New York Rangers, the Bruins are losing a guy who has been a member of the organization for more than a decade. That’s longer than Charlie McAvoy and David Pastrnak have been alive...COMBINED!!!!!! Math isn’t my strong suit.

Anyways, McQuaid was a good soldier during his time in Boston. Love him or hate him, he had his fair share of memorable moments.

Let’s take a look!

McQuaid tunes up Matt Martin

He took a couple of shots at the beginning, but McQuaid ended up cleaning Martin’s clock with a few solid punches before flooring him at the end.

McQuaid welcomes Derek Grant to the NHL

Derek Grant was trying to earn his way into a consistent spot on the Nashville Predators’ roster. It didn’t go well.


McQuaid’s own version of the “RKO OUT OF NOWHERE” meme! This play embodied the hustle McQuaid brought to the game, night in and night out. Also lol Flyers.

McQuaid takes a skate to the neck...and keeps playing

I don’t even know what to say about this one. It’s nuts. He ended up getting 25 stitches in his neck after the game, looking like a Bond villain.

A big goal against the Leafs

It’s not all about grit! McQuaid netted a big goal in this game against the Leafs, getting the Bruins back in it. Always good to see the tough guys get one.

McQuaid ends the series against the Penguins

Speaking of goals, McQuaid scored the last one in one of the more satisfying sweeps in recent Bruins history. The goal above stood as the only one in the Bruins’ Game 4 win over Pittsburgh.

McQuaid breaks up a breakaway, crashes into the boards

This was a HUGE play. With the Bruins already down a goal, a Leafs goal here would’ve put the B’s in a giant hole. But McQuaid came out of nowhere again, breaking up the scoring chance before plowing into the boards.

He’d leave the ice briefly, but would return, and the Bruins went on to win the game.

McQuaid pays Raffi Torres a friendly visit

Raffi Torres threw a cheapshot (shocking!) at Andrew Ference, and there was McQuaid to serve up some frontier justice.

The Cup visits Prince Edward Island

McQuaid and his glorious mullet bring Lord Stanley to his hometown.