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Bruins PRESEASON PREVIEW 9/15/18: 你好 , Calgary!

The China Games, and the Preseason in general begins! At the weirdest time of day!

Just the Facts:

The Time: 2:30am EST

The Place: Shenzhen Universiad Center, Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China

Place to Watch: Sportsnet, NHLN

Place to Listen: 98.5 the sportshub

Opposing SBNation Blog: Matchsticks and Gasoline

Know Your Enemy:

  • As opposed to Dougie Hamilton, Noah Hanifin has been brought in and given a boatload of cash to more or less be the same guy. Except less of a museum going nerd.
  • James Neal is now a Flame! That’s fun! Hopefully he didnt bring all of his kneeling with him to China!
  • Austin Czarnik is now a Flame. That’s less fun, but still potentially pretty fun.
  • Sean Monahan is really good and has all the personality of oatmeal. Keep a watch out for him.
  • In all likelyhood, Mike Smith will not play this morning and instead Jon Gillies will get the start.

Game Notes:

  • It’s the 2018 China Games! Played this year by the Boston Bruins, who have sent players to China before to help grow the game, and the Calgary Flames! Who have...apparently done the same thing, I guess? Well, they didn’t have the ORG sponsorship first so...uh...take that?
  • Because this is technically listed as an away game for Boston, they will be wearing their white uniforms tonight. Calgary will likely be wearing their 3rd jerseys that they’ve either announced as of this writing or alluded to as of this writing.
  • The officially 100% open spots for the B’s to fill are 2nd RW, 3rd line C, and maybe a bottom line winger spot. Young and Old players alike will have to bring their A-game to get noticed all the way over in China.
  • There’s a reasonable chance Jaroslav Halak starts the first period or so before giving it back to Tuukka Rask halfway through the game like preseason games before.
  • Both teams might look a little rusty, as they lost a day of practice to their equipment being stuck in customs.
  • The arena looks sick. There’s definitely a lot more care put into making arenas look like death star offshoots these days and I’m here for it.

See you at 2:00am for the gamethread! Yes. We will have one! Why? Because #CONTENT.