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Why David Backes needs to Score 25 Goals

Saving one dog at a time

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

David and Kelly Backes have been highly invested in animal rescue and pet adoption for quite some time. Many remember when the two rescued dogs from the streets of Sochi during the 2014 winter Olympics.

David and Kelly also founded Athletes for Animals, a united team of professional athletes with a shared passion for rescuing and protecting the welfare of homeless pets. They’ve also partnered with Five Acres Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter in St. Louis.

Today, David tweeted his support for the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

@ClaysandBirds, who’s real name is Andrew Schatz, retweeted Backes promising that if he scored 25 goals this season, he will adopt a dog.

To this, David accepted the challenge.

Andrew believes, “He can easily achieve [25 Goals] if he is healthy all season.” Backes is entering the 2018-19 season in terrific shape. However, Andrew wonders whether or not he needs to adopt two dogs if Backes produces 50 goals.

You can support the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter by donating, volunteering, or adopting one of your own. You can also donate to Athletes for Animals or Five Acres Animal Shelter. And, of course, you can always help your local animal shelter.

Thinking of making a pledge yourself? Don’t hesitate.