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Axel Andersson loaned to Södertälje SK

The 2018 2nd rounder will be playing on Pasta's old swedish team this season!

Axel Andersson had a good camp, but now he's off to playing in the swedish junior-20 leagues and maybe the SHL if he plays well enough. what I would be writing, had our good friend over at EOTP Patrik Bexell not tipped us off to this little nugget of info that indicates Andersson will instead be playing in the 2nd-tier league with Södertälje, or SSK for short:

Here's the gist in english:

According to my sources, Axelsson is ready to play for SSK, on loan from Djurgården. Oskarshamn (another team) had interest, but he went with Södertälje.

If the name somehow rings a bell, it's because SSK is the very team David Pastrnak used to play for in Sweden.

Further reading of the article suggests that Södertälje was undermanned at defense due to injury, and Djurgården was stacked to the gills, so this seems like a win for everybody: SSK doesn't miss a step on the blueline, and Andersson gets consistent ice-time! He even gets to work with a coach he's familiar with! (SSK's Ulf Lundberg coached the U17 Sweden team Andersson played on)

Our friend Patrik also alerted us to the fact that in the event of him getting called up to the SHL, the town of Södertälje is very close to Stockholm, so he wont miss much action if he gets called back to Djurgården.

We wish good luck to Andersson as he hears up for a great season with SSK!