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We’re ranking the Bruins prospects — here’s what went into the process

It’s fun to rank a bunch of YOUTHS, right???? Right.

2017 NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7 Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Alright, everyone. We’ve reached mid-September. The off-season is almost over. WE CAN DO IT.

But mid-September means a little bit more off-season content, which can only mean one thing: prospect rankings!

As a staff, we decided against doing a “Top 25 Under 25” again this summer, mainly due to time constraints and what I perceived as a lack of response last time. We know you’re into “who’s next?” for the Bruins, but the interest in #25, #24, etc. didn’t justify the time put into them.

So, here’s what we’ll have:

  • Rankings of the majority of the Bruins prospects
  • Profiles on the top 10 prospects, as voted by us
  • One post discussing and ranking the guys who didn’t make the top 10

To get our rankings, I put a sheet together and asked the staff to rank the prospects from 1-10; 1 was little chance of NHL success, 10 was a slam-dunk NHLer. We then averaged the rankings and sorted them to get our top 10.

We’ll be doing one post per day, starting on Monday.

One caveat: I purposely excluded everyone who is already an established NHLer. That means no Charlie McAvoy, no Jake DeBrusk, etc. mainly because they’re not really prospects at this point.

And that’s it! Let’s have fun arguing about teenagers, because that’s what the Internet is for.

Check back Monday for the first post, counting down from #36 to #11.