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2019 World Juniors Day 6 Recap: Kazakhstan and Denmark get crushed, Pavel Shen gets Russia over Canada, and the USA has their most complete effort of the tournament over Finland

While you’re waiting for the Winter Classic, here’s the final day of prelims recapped!

Russia v Canada - 2019 IIHF World Junior Championship Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

Game 1: Czechs clean up Denmark easily in 4-0 win

Not much to say here other than Jakub Lauko opened the scoring and Daniel Bukac had an assist. Denmark has yet to score in this tournament.

Game Notes:

  • The Czechs gift-wrapped several boneheaded sequences for the Danes to score and they still couldn’t. They’re getting bounced for sure.
  • Czechs draw the USA in the quarters. As this tourney has shown, the best way for the Czechs to possibly come out on top is to just pile goal after goal on top of the US for the first 40 and then hang on for dear life for the final 20. Dunno if they can do that successfully but it’ll be fun to see them try!
  • Bruins Prospect Update: Lauko with the opening goal, Bukac had an assist on the Czech’s final one. Here’s hoping the final prospect round-up doesn’t involve these two after the quarters.

Game 2: Sweden gets back into the spirit of things by dropping 56 shots on Kazakhstan and wins 5-1

Now see, this is what you’re supposed to be doing, Slovakia! Let’s get back into the spirit of either making a goaltender 90% bruises or breaking a SOG record.

Not like Denmark’s gonna join in.

Game Notes:

  • Kazakhstan’s goalies have faced in this tournament a combined 224 shots, and Sweden and Finland matched each other perfectly in dropping 56 on Kazakhstan. They have seen an incredible amount of rubber in just under a week and they’re all my heroes.
  • Sweden gets Switzerland in the Quarters, so they should be ready to bring the pain early. The Swiss have played some teams much better than even they probably think they would’ve done.
  • Kazakhstan gets Denmark. While I’ve said over and over that Kazakhstan can at least score, I’m really not sure who’d end up winning between either of them. Denmark tends to just get dominated scorewise while Kazakhstan gets dominated play and score-wise most of the time. Should make for a fun relegation round!

Game 3: Pavel Shen is the hero for Russia as they beat Canada 2-1

Russia did what I thought was previously impossible and get the Canadians to actually lose a game. And it all came on the back of a GWG of the 2018 7th rounder for the Boston Bruins, Pavel Shen.

Go to it, buddy.

Game Notes:

  • A note on the game-winner from writer Shawn Ferris who pointed out by utilizing his ability to do a good crossover, he froze Maxime Comtois out of the play, getting space along the boards, and essentially gave himself all the time in the world. Great stuff by Mr. 212 of the 2018 Draft.
  • Canada’s defenders were uh...kinda asleep at the wheel for that goal, too. That helps a lot even when they’re taking into account the more stringent ruleset.
  • Klim Kostin called Maxime Comtois a clown in all but accusing his skates of being floppy red shoes during first intermission, and frankly I’m here for more hateration and holleration in this dancery. Let’s make their next meeting nasty.
  • Bright spot! Canada gets Finland in the Quarters, who looked like garbage against the US! So maybe this doesn’t happen again!
  • Russia meanwhile gets Slovakia. I can’t imagine they’re gonna be trailing much in that game if at all.
  • Bruins Prospect Update: Pavel Shen did alright. Also in this game, Jack Studnicka!...Who only played Eight minutes or so and didn’t do much else.

Game 4: USA actually pulls a whole 60 minute effort out over Finland and win 4-1

The States flat out dominated Finland. They made it abundantly clear in the 3rd that they weren’t just going to win, they were going to win big and take on the Czechs at full force.

Game Notes:

  • Yet another game where Finland’s discipline was completely off and as a result, they got torched. Jusse Ahokas is a pretty good coach, but man he has to get his players under control if he wants to get anywhere against Canada.
  • It’s important to note that the USA playing the Czechs in quarters might have zero to do with how any of these guys actually coalesce as a team because the same problems from last year have reared their ugly head once more. The US is vulnerable.
  • How could you lose in those throwbacks, USA? How could you?
  • Bruins Prospect Update: Urho Vaakanainen yet again played 22ish minutes, and had the assist on the only Finland goal of the night. Wasn’t a great night to be a finnish defender in general so it won’t surprise you to know that apart from that he was definitely showing his age tonight. Kyle Keyser didn’t play tonight.

Prelims Prospect Stat Markup:

In four games...

Pavel Shen leads all Bruins prospects at the world juniors in goals with 3, and also has 1 assist.

Jack Studnicka meanwhile ties Shen in points by having 1 goal, and 3 assists.

Urho Vaakanainen has two assists.

Jakub Lauko has 1 goal and 1 assist.

Daniel Bukac has 1 assist.

Kyle Keyser played 2 games, won and lost one.

I’ll see you guys after the WC for the quarterfinals!