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The Bruins All-Star Jersey is more interesting in concept than in practice.

For all you minimalists out there, Adidas and Parley sure made a thing you'll like.

The NHL All-Star jerseys dropped and they sure are...


Yep. No colors denoting division anymore. Just a black and white sweater with your team’s logo on it. Figure out who plays for who on your own.

This goes for every team, for the record.

Now while you might think of it as very, very, very boring and kind of half-assed (which it is), there are some cool features regarding this particular sweater. The NHL teamed up with Creative and Environmental group Parley for the Oceans to create a special recycled material that was dredged up from the world’s oceans as mere plastic and repurposed into yarn for athletic apparel. Yes, ocean garbage taken, cleaned, melted then reshaped until it was reused as ending up being something far easier to find a home for than used plastic; a hockey sweater.

Now, does that make the actual sweater itself better now that you know that?...Probably not. It’s still painfully boring to look at and while the eco-friendly thing definitely fits a NorCal vibe, it can’t quite get over the fact that...well...It’s still just black and white. Further, it’s in a style of sweater layout that Boston uses/has used in the past already, so especially for Boston fans, it kinda becomes a case of “Meh, seen it.”

On the other hand, it might solve the myriad problem of several players having the same number by pointing out that now, the NHL doesn’t have to necessarily force someone to wear something different.

Naturally, I expect to see it all over the Garden this February.

You can see David Pastrnak suit up with one of these riveting color schemes on the 25th and 26th of this month, and whoever makes it to the ASG as part of the Last Man In campaign. Hopefully it’s a Bruin!