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Atlantic Division Update: The Toronto Maple Leafs are crashing

Two disappointing losses for Toronto has them only two wins above the Bruins now

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Florida Panthers Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another pair of disappointing losses for the Toronto Maple Leafs. This week, they fell victim to the Florida Panthers and the Arizona Coyotes, two of the worst teams in the NHL this season. The Bruins just need two more wins to break even with them. Both the Leafs and the Bruins are far behind the Tampa Bay Lightning, though.

First in the Atlantic: Tampa Bay Lightning

Games played: 49

Point leader: Nikita Kucherov

The Tampa Bay Lightning had a weird week. They shut out the Dallas Stars, lost to the sinking Maple Leafs, and beat the San Jose Sharks big time with a 6-3 final. The Lightning are heading into the All Star break with the end of their hard road game stint behind them. The Lightning have played 52% of their games thus far on the road. They’ve had a great season so far, topping not just the Atlantic Division but also the NHL as a whole. Here’s to hoping they start to struggle at home, right? *sweats*.

Second in the Atlantic: Toronto Maple Leafs

Games played: 48

Point leader: Mitch Marner

It was a really bummer of a week for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Aside from beating the first place Tampa Bay Lightning, they lost 6-3 to the Colorado Avalanche, 3-1 to the Florida Panthers, and 4-2 to the Arizona Coyotes. William Nylander has been moved to the fourth line after a dramatic start to his season and a flatlining upon his return. He has four points on the season. The Leafs play one more game before the All Star break against the Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals. Here’s to hoping they lose again!

Third in the Atlantic: Your Boston Bruins!

Games played: 49

Point leader: David Pastrnak

The Bruins fell short a few times this week. They played four games and only came out on top in one of them. The three losses came at the hands of the Montreal Canadiens, Philadelphia Flyers, and New York Rangers. We’ll let the Rangers one slide because Adam McQuaid didn’t mean to hurt us like that. The Bruins also lost Tuukka Rask to a concussion. His return seems to be unclear so far. I’m sure the Bruins are looking forward to the All Star break.

Fourth in the Atlantic: Montreal Canadiens

Games played: 50

Point leader: Max Domi

The Montreal Canadiens kept their wins going after beating the Bruins on Monday. They had two high-scoring wins over the Florida Panthers (5-1) and the Columbus Blue Jackets (4-1). The Flyers gave the Canadiens a taste of their medicine, defeating them 5-2. The Habs’ have been better, but they are still struggling to generate anything on the powerplay. They have some holes to fill, that’s for certain.

Fifth in the Atlantic: Buffalo Sabres

Games played: 48

Point leader: Jack Eichel

The Buffalo Sabres have some players heading to the All Star Game, but they have two more games this week before heading into the break. The Sabres had a really weird week. They lost 7-2 to the lackluster Edmonton Oilers, but went on to beat the Calgary Flames 4-3 in overtime, who sit in first place in the Pacific Division. They would then fall short to the Vancouver Canucks, whose season has been all over the place. I can’t figure this Buffalo team out. They play good hockey, but sometimes they can’t find their composure. The Sabres made a trade this week, sending Justin Bailey to the Philadelphia Flyers for Taylor Leier. Both players look similar on paper, so we’ll see how this trade works out for Buffalo.

Sixth in the Atlantic: Florida Panthers

Games played: 47

Point leader: Jonathan Huberdeau

The Florida Panthers beat both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Nashville Predators this week, somehow. This Panthers team seem to be slowly but surely finding their groove. They have one game against the Sharks tonight before heading to the All Star break. Vincent Trocheck made his return to the Florida lineup this weekend and his impact was instantly felt as he put a puck into the net. Maybe, just maybe, the Florida Panthers will pull themselves from the ashes?

Seventh in the Atlantic: Ottawa Senators

Games played: 49

Point leader: Mark Stone

The Ottawa Senators are still bad, but they had a good week. They beat the Colorado Avalanche 5-2 and the Carolina Hurricanes 4-1. The Senators were back in their usual form when the St. Louis Blues beat them 3-2. Ottawa are in a pickle, having to decide if they want to move forward with their top two scorers, Mark Stone and Matt Duchene, as their contracts come to an end. Apparently, Duchene wants eight million, a number Ottawa is willing to give him. Does that leave room for Stone? And what about the other gaps they have to fill in their roster? It’ll be an interesting next few months for the Sens.

Eighth in the Atlantic: Detroit Red Wings

Games played: 50

Point leader: Dylan Larkin

The Detroit Red Wings took on the West Coast this week, playing the Anaheim Ducks, Calgary Flames, and Vancouver Canucks. They lost to all but the Ducks, beating them 3-1. Sure, they’re a bad team, but they don’t play bad hockey all the time. They just can’t seem to hold onto leads, letting them go and losing in the end. This is another team in dire need of some revival. Trades? Coaching changes? Who knows, but man, do they need it.