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2019 World Juniors SEMIFINAL RECAP: It’ll be USA-Finland for Gold, Switzerland-Russia for Bronze, and Denmark is eliminated

The medal games are decided, and a spot for Germany is made.

Matt Zambonin/HHOF-IIHF Images

Relegation Game 2: After 5 straight World Juniors appearances, Denmark is relegated in 4-0 Loss

The Danes gave up, man. I dunno how else to put it.

Maybe after nearly every game being a shutout or a blowout, they just stopped and figured it didn’t matter anymore, but man...this was a mercy killing on the Kazakhs part.

Game Notes:

  • Hey, all power to Kazakhstan, who were having an absolute blast out there and get to play in another World Juniors. If they can just figure out how not to give up a trillion shots, then they might be onto something.
  • For this tournament, many Kazakh players hadn’t heard “Sweet Caroline” in spite of it being their goal song. What poor virgin ears.
  • Denmark score three goals all tournament, looked like they were emotionally dead, and bowed out as a result. What a dark time for Danish hockey.
  • It was not fun for Denmark. It was not fun for Denmark at all.
  • Germany takes Denmark’s place in the upcoming World Juniors. Viel Glück, Deutschland!

Semifinal Game 1: USA hangs on for dear life in third but wins 2-1 anyway

The USA got two very big goals from Oliver Wahlstrom and Alex Chmelevski but the MVP of this game was the man in net for the US, who was under seige the entire third period as Russia tried everything to get level with the States...but to no avail.

Game Notes:

  • Denisenko, the guy Samberg hit at the end of period one went flying. Goodness gracious. Naturally, he also ended up being the only goalscorer for the Russians.
  • Naturally, the GWG would be the American guy with the most Russian name possible.
  • Canada decide tonight was a good night to dunk on both countries with both sides getting booed as much as humanly possible and plenty of snarky signs throughout the crowd. Normally i’m not super for the crowd going into business for themselves but it was fun tonight.
  • Finland is gonna have words with you, USA. Strap in.
  • Bruins Prospect Update: Kyle Keyser is pretty much the backup at this point. So if the US wins, he’ll still be one of the few Bruins prospects to medal by doing almost nothing. Pavel Shen on the other hand did little to improve Russia’s score, in spite of the 16 minutes of TOI he was given.

Semifinal Game 2: Finland puts Switzerland under a bandsaw and wins 6-1


Game Notes:

  • If the Finns are going to play with the purpose they had over the past 2 games, the USA is in trouble. They lost their last encounter due to penalty trouble, but have really locked down discipline and have taken all their frustrations out on every team dumb enough to stay in their way. The USA has used a lot of individual talent performing above expectations to get where they are and since the Quarters, Finland has just been wall-to-wall good and the Swiss didn’t have a prayer.
  • The Swiss still get a chance to Medal, though. That’d certainly be something if they pulled it off against Russia.
  • Bruins Prospect Update: Urho Vaakanainen had an assist on the 2nd goal of Finland’s night, and scaled it back a bit: playing only 19:29. He’ll need to be rested when he goes for gold.

WJC Final Games are TODAY:

  • BRONZE: Russia vs. Switzerland - 4pm

Bruins Prospects in this Game: Pavel Shen (RUS)

  • Finland vs. USA - 7:30pm

Bruins Prospects in this Game: Kyle Keyser (USA), Urho Vaakanainen (FIN)