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Maxime Lagace is channeling Andy Moog with his new mask

A throwback for the Bruins’ newest goalie.

Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Goalie masks are a pretty unique piece of sports equipment. They’re one of the few things that, kind of like an NBA player’s sneakers, allow a player to show some personality while out on the ice/court/whatever.

Some players go with personal touches, others go with pop culture references, and still others go with nods to their team’s past.

Maxime Lagace elected to go with the latter.

That’s quite a nod to the famous bear mask Andy Moog rocked during his days with the Bruins.

@DaveArt on Instagram

We likely won’t see much of this mask in Boston this year (barring a goalie injury), but it’s still pretty cool to see Lagace bring a little old school cool to his gear.