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RECAP: Bruins shut out Devils in home debut at TD Garden

Tuukka Rask had a good night, but the real story was Cassidy’s layered system shutting down any aggressive rush from New Jersey.

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

First Period

P.K. Subban decided to get in David Pastrnaks’ face for some supplemental facewashing. Jeers rained from that corner of the Garden for the rest of the game.

Connor Clifton introduced himself to Wayne Simmonds early on, much to the pleasure of the Gahden Faithful.

Brad Marchand wound his way around the offensive zone, and his long shot ended up past Cory Schneider’s shoulder after a deflection.

Joakim Nordstrom and his fresh legs cleaned up some garbage in front of the Devils’ goaltender to extend the B’s lead.

Second Period

Thought they started with a power play from the late first period penalty by NJ, Boston couldn’t lay any more icing on the cake. A quality deflection by DeBrusk about a minute into the frame just missed, and Boston had to recycle their offense with just too little time left on the advantage. Charlie McAvoy and Matt Grzelcyk both made aggressive rushes up-ice after play returned to even strength.

Penalties added up for a while for the Devils, but it ultimately came back to bite Boston towards the end of the period. Pastrnak was called for a faceoff violation and spend part of the last five minutes in the box. Brad Marchand showed off how much he used to love playing keepaway from the neighborhood kids and had several outstanding shifts on the penalty kill. JUST WATCH.

The Bruins would close the frame with a power play, and Patrice Bergeron took his turn sweeping the kitchen floor to put the Bruins up three to none.

Third Period

The tale of the third was relatively tame. The Dveils were called for offsides somewhat often, trying to push the pace of play in their favor; they just couldn’t get Boston on their heels. The Bruins defense were sure to introduce themselves to Jack Hughes wherever he went on the ice - and he was, in fact, nearly everywhere - the kid is very quick and aware.

It just seemed as though New Jersey couldn’t get the inside track or read play for more than one system-wide reaction at a time. Boston would fake play in one direction to dupe the Devils in curling off to defend, only to quickly reverse play and have a cleaner look at their breakouts.

After a penalty to Zdeno Chara past the midpoint of the frame, the Devils had a few odd rushes and outside-wing partial breaks, but the Bruins were too much for the Devils.

Boston wins the home debut, 3-0!!