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Fresh Links: Issues

Sure, the Bruins are doing just fine- but how long until known deficiencies take their toll?

NHL: OCT 14 Ducks at Bruins
“Have you heard anything new on David Krejci’s situation?” Jaroslav Halak consults with Tuukka Rask
Photo by John Crouch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Bruins are motoring along at the top of the standings, with a couple of issues nipping at their heels.

  • Despite a winning record, nagging issues linger. Boston Herald
  • On the Bruins’ wish list? Secondary scoring. Boston Globe
  • We are already concerned about the second period slog. 985 The Sports Hub
  • In the meantime, without David Krejci, what’s the plan? Causeway Crowd
  • Brad Marchand- ninja warrior? Deadspin
  • Guess how many NHL teams sent scouts to the Bruins v. Ducks game on Monday? Whatever could their agenda have been? Sports Book Review
  • Never tell me the odds! The Bruins’ successful start to the season has improved their likelihood of winning a Stanley Cup. NESN

NHL Standings:

  • The Bruins trail only the Sabres in the Atlantic Division NHL and only Buffalo and the Hurricanes in the Eastern Conference. NHL In the league overall, Boston is fourth behind both of those teams as well as the Avalanche. (Links are NOT STATIC) NHL
  • Note David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand climbing into the Offensive Leaders, and then marvel at both Tuukka Rask and Jaroslav Halak BOTH making appearances in the goaltending leaders categories. (Links are NOT STATIC) NHL

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Is this a thing, now? The Predators are the latest team to score four unanswered goals to win- this time the Golden Knights were victimized. NHL
  • A red flag has been raised by @EvolvingWild and @IneffectiveMath (among others) regarding an emerging analytics issue. On the Forecheck Should we really believe the official shot location data coming out of the NHL? Why does it even matter? Pension Plan Puppets
  • This power ranking repeats the caveat previously mentioned for Boston- they can only ride the Bergeron line so far. At number one? The only team to beat Boston. In the basement? Well, Charlie Coyle is sure glad to be a Bruin, just sayin’. Boston Herald
  • Paul Stewart has an interesting talent, one that opens tables at exclusive restaurants. It might also be helpful in issuing his autobiography “Ya Wanna Go” as an audiobook. HockeyBuzz
  • The Devils aren’t winning much, but their Kids Day promotion knocked it out of the park. Player introductions on the Jumbotron featured kids’ drawings of Devils players. @AmandaCStein
  • In a search for something else entirely, this popped up. Laugh at these fantasy hockey team names. How They Play