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Fresh Links: Take 5

The Bruins are on light duty until Saturday.

Toronto Maple Leafs Vs Boston Bruins At TD Garden
Don’t they sell pucks in Canada? (Brad Marchand)
Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Bruins are enjoying a short breather before their Saturday date against the Blues at 7:00PM on NBCSN.

  • A couple of days of light workouts mean welcome rest for the Bruins ahead of their rematch with the Blues. Bruins NHL
  • Just another game... yeah, right. Boston Globe
  • That nagging, burning feeling in the pit of your stomach is heartburn over offside review and the goals it is costing the Bruins so early in the season. Boston Herald
  • Damn the injuries, Boston, full speed ahead! HockeyBuzz
  • So, how do you like Brett Ritchie so far? Causeway Crowd
  • Par Lindholm left the farm only to find that his hockey career didn’t advance as quickly as he had hoped. Thankfully, that is changing in Boston. WEEI
  • Tuukka Rask hit his 500 NHL games played milestone, now Andy Moog’s record is in his sights. NESN
  • Torey Krug is not coy about what he wants in his next contract, and what he would negotiate. Bonus- Links to the newest Greg Hill Show and The Skate Podcast. WEEI
  • This isn’t news to Bruins fans, but Patrice Bergeron makes a difference on and off the ice. (Video, 1:45) MSN
  • Tuukka Rask explains away the “boooooos” and sings like Prince in this brief interview. (Video, 1:42) @PR_NHL
  • Murmur this quietly to yourselves until you believe it, Maple Leafs fans- whatever gets you through the NHL season. Centre Of Leafs Nation Forget about Auston Matthews (of all people) calling out his teammates postgame on Tuesday. Sportsnet

NHL Standings:

  • The Bruins still trail only the Sabres in the Atlantic Division NHL and only Buffalo and the Capitals in the Eastern Conference. NHL In the league overall, Boston remains fifth behind both of those teams as well as the Avalanche and Oilers. (Links are NOT STATIC) NHL
  • Note David Pastrnak is atop and Brad Marchand is among the Offensive Leaders, Tuukka Rask is tied for the NHL’s best save percentage, and along with Jaroslav Halak remains among the other goaltending leaders. (Links are NOT STATIC) NHL

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • In news of former Bruins: Here’s an appreciation of Dennis Seidenberg’s career, and a brief update on his teammates from the 2010-11 roster. 985 The Sports Hub Together again- Joe Thornton has enjoyed history and a rewarding friendship (and maybe some kayaking mishaps) with Patrick Marleau. Yahoo
  • Only in an NHL power ranking would being number two be a relatively good thing. ESPN
  • Which NHL teams are just exactly what we anticipated? Which are bolting out of the gate at a suspect pace? Bonus- Greg Wyshynski’s biggest surprises of the young season. ABC7
  • Here’s a new initiative from Pete Blackburn- “Please Like My Sport!” This week’s briefs include how David Pastrnak is worthy of your attention. Bonus- Cute dogs! CBSSports
  • Dive on into 31 Thoughts, which include kudos to the Sabres on their fast start and handwringing over the Maple Leafs. In #27, the NHL acknowledges that their shot locations statistics were off, and have made adjustments to their model to correct the error. Sportsnet
  • Lucky or no, this vendor food concept defiles Cheetos, and should be BURNED WITH FIRE. @DarrenRovell