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Scott Sabourin stretchered off the ice after a scary collision with David Backes

A tough scene.

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Boston Bruins Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

It was a scary scene at the Garden earlier tonight, as Scott Sabourin of the Ottawa Senators was stretchered off the ice after colliding with David Backes.

The play, from Chris:

(Link, if you're on mobile.)

Yikes. Sabourin is out before he hits the ice. It's hard to fault Backes there, as it seems like just a bad collision.

Per the Sens, Sabourin was taken to the hospital, but is awake, talking, and moving all extremities.

Backes was visibly upset after the play, and eventually left the bench. In the second, the Bruins announced that Backes wouldn't return with an upper-body injury.

Hopefully Sabourin is okay.

UPDATE: From Sunday morning.