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Fresh Links: Dope Slap

The Bruins paid dearly for another slow start, but Patrice Bergeron scored in his first game back, which was nice.

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Colorado Alavanche v Boston Bruins
Did you bring enough for the entire class? (David “better make it a medium, I only have two minutes” Pastrnak
Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

The Senators received an early Christmas gift from the Bruins last night.

  • Looking ahead, Boston is right back into the fray tomorrow night against the NHL’s best in Washington. Fox Sports (The Capitals coincidentally are also coming off a 5-2 loss last night, to the Blue Jackets. USA Today)
  • Three bullet points from last night’s 5-2 loss include acknowledging another molasses start, which would cheerily be glossed over had it been followed by a thrilling third period comeback. Bruins Daily
  • Within two minutes of the puck drop, the gift giving began. Ho ho ho. Boston Globe
  • The loss marks the second loss in a row for the Bruins. Boston Herald
  • Boston has offically entered a slump. 985 The Sports Hub
  • Ominously, the Bruins’ Power Play has gone silent. HockeyBuzz
  • Don’t panic! Pour yourself a hot cup of reality and take a sip- each Ottawa goal was the result of an error that can be fixed. WEEI
  • What would be more fun than having Brad Marchand voted in as All-Star captain? Causeway Crowd (Vote early, vote OFTEN! NHL)
  • Prospects John Beecher and Curtis Hall have been selected for the preliminary roster of the US National Junitor Team. Bruins NHL
  • One young Bruins fan was greeted warmly in Ottawa last night. @KidsUpFrontOTT

NHL Standings:

  • The Bruins rule the Atlantic Division NHL, still trail the Capitals in both the Eastern Conference NHL as well as the NHL overall. (Standings have been pretty sticky, but links are NOT STATIC) NHL
  • David Pastrnak is the NHL’s top goal scorer- he and Brad Marchand are still among the Offensive Leaders, the latter in every category. Marchand and Zdeno Chara are still in the Plus/Minus Leaders. On the netminding side, even after a sorry outing like last night’s, Tuukka Rask and Jaroslav Halak remain solidly among the leaders within spitting distance of each other in every category but wins. (Links are NOT STATIC) NHL

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • In news of former Bruins: The Flames beat the Avalanche 5-4 in overtime to remain undefeated five games into the Geoff Ward era. NHL One-eyed Yeti Carl Soderberg, who made his leap to the NHL in Boston, is enjoying himself in Arizona. (Click the link to the embedded SI article, too.) Sporting News His time in Boston was short, but Matt IrWIN is loving life in Smashville- live on mic, he and Roman Josi declare their love, he chats fatherhood with a ref, calls a teammate’s goal, and struggles through a broken shot blocker. (Video, 1:41) NHL
  • Godspeed Pete Frates, whose illness rallied more than just his own family and friends. His Ice Bucket Challenge sparked visibility and ignited funding for The ALS Association. Washington Post
  • Hockey culture has allowed coaches to get away with serial abuses, which is especially dangerous for youngsters leaving home with the instruction to listen and obey. Sports Illustrated
  • Tarnished medals- Russia has earned a four-year ban on international competition for their systematic tampering with the WADA anti-doping program. The Hockey News
  • Nyet to worry, Comrades! Vladdy Putin has a PLAN. NO, REALLY! The Beaverton