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I have no idea what happened at Bruins practice today, but it rules

Tuukka tantrum, giant fights...the team has lost its collective mind.

@KuzyBeCackling on Twitter

After three losses in a row, it's clear that the Bruins are a frustrated bunch.

Still, I never thought that frustration would devolve into the all-out fracas that apparently occurred Tuesday at practice.

Good God. The rage. The horror. The carnage!!!!!

Clearly, this team has lost its mind.

It gets worse:


Tuukka Rask must be suspended for this. Cancel the team until further notice.

Jokes aside, this is hilarious. Clearly this is a group that likes to have fun.

(For more coverage, check out Russian Machine Never Breaks.)

EDIT: Now the team Twitter account itself is getting in on the action!!!!!

Please note that if you are the kind of person replying to that video complaining about the team, you are the worst.