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World Juniors: Jakub Lauko gets the OK to join Team Czech Republic!

After a nasty collision in Providence and a few days of consternation, Lauko is making his way home!

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when you get to put the star on top of the christmas tree
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There’s nothing quite like a good “Mama, I’m coming home for the Holidays” story, and this year’s World Juniors features one from the Bruins pipeline!

Jakub Lauko looked like an obvious lock for the World Juniors, what with his decent play in his first year of Semi-Pro action after being part of a phenomenal QMJHL team...and then he got handed a real nasty snag to his development: a hit with an elbow. And got stretchered off for his trouble.

His availability for the P-B’s was in question all through last week, and it looked like he was probably gonna miss out...until wonderful news came up!

Yes, he will indeed be playing for the home team at the World Juniors! Just in time for Christmas! And the Czechs will need him, as they have been lagging in the firepower department, and could use someone with his explosiveness.

Good luck to Jakub has he tries to bring the Czechs to a medal game!