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Jakub Lauko is out for the remainder of the WJC with a leg injury

Not even a minute in!

2018 Under-18 Five Nations Tournament - Czech Republic v USA Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

UPDATE (Friday, 9:30 AM): Looks like the kid is done for the tournament. Tough stuff.

Original post continues below...

Heading into this year's World Junior Championships tournament, many Bruins fans were excited to see how Jakub Lauko would do against other elite players in his age group.

That excitement may be short lived, as it appears Lauko has suffered a pretty serious injury under a minute into his tournament.

Here are a few other angles:

Two areas of concern here: his right leg torques pretty badly.

Second, it looks like his head might hit the ice on the way down.

Reporters at the game said Lauko went right to the locker room and wasn't putting pressure on his right leg.

It was also reportedly announced that he won't return to the game.

Lauko, you'll remember, was injured in a scary collision during a Providence Bruins game a few weeks back, but had recovered enough to play in the tournament, which is being held in his home country of the Czech Republic.

Hopefully the kid is OK.

UPDATE (11:45 AM): Certainly looks like a knee injury.