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IIHF World Juniors Day 2 Recap: Slovakia handles business, USA caught slipping but still wins

A Bruin gets on the board in a light day, but the United States still has a lot to get right.

Andrea Cardin/HHOF-IIHF Images

Game 1: Slovakia does the thing it’s supposed to do by showing up, Win against Kazakhstan 3-1

I sincerely don’t know what to tell you. They just did what they were supposed to.

Game Notes:

  • This was basically a home game for Slovakia, who travel well as the highlights showed. Great atmosphere in Werk Arena.
  • And they needed it, the Slovaks had a hard time staying out of their own box, with 24 mins of penalty time assessed.
  • Kazakhstan is trying...they’re just not going to survive once they face Relegation against Germany. Which sucks, I enjoy their spirit.

Game 2: USA effectively sleepwalks their way to the 2nd period, where they realize they have to actually play in order to be good, then Win 6-3.

Hoooo boy.

Game Notes:

  • Look, the US won, they looked convincing by the end, but they were playing like they had ten periods to get something done rather than three for awhile. Sluggish, disintrerested defense against a squad who may not be defensively up to snuff, but can absolutely play with speed and skill. They got away with it tonight, they may not against Russia.
  • Germany has absolutely zero quit. Even when down by three. When they have some more talent, they will probably be the next big nation to break through.
  • Bruins in this Game: Curtis Hall SCORED A GOAL! He got the US’s 4th of the night! He played 10:55 TOI, and Beecher had 12:31 TOI without a point.

Today’s Games:

9am Slate:

  1. Germany vs. Czech Republic
  2. Finland vs. Slovakia

1pm Slate:

  1. Switzerland vs. Sweden
  2. Russia vs. Canada


As much as it’ll be fun for the Czechs and the Germans to have a basketball game on ice, I think Russia versus Canada is the one that’ll make a lot of people dispeptic depending on whether Canada starts slow or not. Call your uncle and get their opinion about it! I’m sure it’ll be tinged with cold war angst!