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World Juniors Day 3 Recap: Canada gets dunked on, Germany stands tall against the Czechs, and Scandinavia terrorizes Europe

In day 3, it’s clear apart from the nordic countries, nobody is ever truly safe.

Andrea Cardin/HHOF-IIHF Images

Game One: Finland takes frustrations out on Slovakia, win 8-1

Maybe Sweden could drop a game or two to their neighbors here and there? If for no other reason than to spare teams like the Slovaks from being fed to a meat grinder?

No? Ok then...

Game Notes:

  • Yet another home atmosphere for the Slovakians and boy...they really should’ve made a day-trip. Finland made Slovakia’s poor goalie look like he was drowning on dry land.
  • Speaking of whom, the Finns! They treated this game like a scrimmage and/or an example-making and did so with aplomb. Their plan of attack of “swarm the goalie forever” can really pay dividends, especially when the other team isn’t bringing much resistance!
  • Just an utter domination from beginning to end. And it stands to get worse as Leijonat gets a crack at Kazakhstan.

Game 2: Germany Wins a game! Czechs can’t keep up in tight 4-3 game

They really coulda used Lauko. Great win fur die Mannschaft.

Game Notes:

  • Tobias Absreiter deserves all the credit in the world for how the Germans started and finished this game. They started early, and kept the pressure on for almost the entire game, and didn’t surrender the lead at all. His team should get only the finest pils he bought for ten dollars out of the back of a truck.
  • Stick taps to Mortiz Sieder, who was an assist machine in this one. He gave out 3 points to his fellow man.
  • Man, the Czech defense needs some work. It was fine when they were able to make Russia pay, but they got badly out-backchecked by Germany. They’re gonna need some hustle to stand a chance against the USA.
  • Man I wish Lauko were in this game...

Game 3: Sweden cruises to 5-2 win over Switzerland.

Them’s the breaks, Switzerland. Sometimes you just run into problem teams. And the Swedes are a problem for other teams.

Game Notes:

  • Luca Hollenstein got pulled, which was fair. He gave the swedes a lot of room to make second and third chance opportunities fairness to him, the Swiss didn’t exactly give him a ton of help up front. They just got curbstomped.
  • Nils Hoglander seems like such a little pain in the ass. Dude refuses to lose the puck.
  • Hugo Anafelt was ready to fight a dude for getting up in his crease, and probably give ‘em a good goalie-stick whackin’ at that. Getting whalloped by a goalie would be a great way to describe Switzerland at these events.

Game 4: Canada gets their lunch fed to them by Russia, lose 6-0


Game Notes:

  • Man I hope those Canadian fans just won those tickets in a raffle.
  • Nick Daws was not good. Canada’s defense was also very not good. This was a wall-to-wall asskicking the likes of which previously only happened when the Soviets were in charge. Canada just looked lost against a Russia team that looked moderately mortal against the Czechs, and losing Lafreniere on top of all of that? Soul-crushing. They have a lot of work to do in not a whole lot of time if they wanna right this ship.
  • This whole tourney just got busted wide open on the Group B side thanks to this fantastic display of egglaying. It is officially up for grabs.

Games Today:

9 o’clock Slate:

Finland vs. Kazakhstan

1pm Slate:

USA vs. Russia

Recommendations: WATCH USA v. RUSSIA. THIS GAME HAS STAKES and also Bruins prospects. Check in on Finland/Kazakhstan in the third just to see if they’re breaking an individual scoring record.